Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Website Is Open

Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Website Is Open

Postby wanglj on Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:38 pm

Knowledge Engineering Institute in Beijing Science and Technology of University initially constructed KDTICM (Knowledge Discovery Theory System based on Inner Cognitive Mechanism) internationally in 2002, awarded two important international awards (“Achievement Award” and “Outstanding Achievement Award”), and developed KDTICM deeply such as proposing KDK, four new intelligent system and five important issues. In the KDTICM application research such as biology information field, we have got the leading position in predicting protein secondary structure, and apply the KDTICM and its software ICCKDSS in eight fields such as electrolytic aluminum production, agriculture, medical information and etc.
We have published 470 pieces of paper, among which 155 pieces of paper are indexed by SCI/EI/ISTP, and 15 literatures. 30 scientific research achievements gained national and provincial certification and acceptance, 5 subjects are being studied. We have obtained 9 prizes for progress in science and technology at provincial and ministerial levels and 9 national invention patent certifications being the only inventor (1 patents are in process), one item of software copyright certification, one software certification.
Based on the described research achievements, now we open the protein secondary structure prediction website, for the aim of improving the research communication and international technology service in Internet which concludes providing protein secondary structure predicting results free, receiving academic discussion and improving scientific research level.
Welcome scientific researchers, technicians and scholars to the website and click the text link “online service”, thanks for giving us advices.

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