CAPRI Special Workshop

CASP13, Iberostar Paraiso Maya


Sunday December 2, 2018 __________3:00pm-4:00 pm __________Quintana Roo


3:00-3:05 Introduction


3:05-3:15 (10): Ilya Vakser: Comparative aspects of docking vs. homology modeling of complexes as applied specifically to protein models.


3:15- 3:25 (10): Paul Bates: The increasing role machine learning/AI can play in docking


3:25-4:00 Round Table Discussion

Suggested topics:

-How can the CAPRI and CASP communities/methodologies be bridged

better to advance further?


-How to better integrate the evaluation of models of individual subunits

with that of the quaternary assembly mode.

-How can low-resolution experiments such as Mass Spec, cross-link, and SAXS

help improve predictions? (such as one of the CASP/CAPRI targets?)

-How to predict protein-protein interactions that involve single chains with

multiple domains (e.g., 2 ~ 5 domains)